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Why? Why Photography?

People often ask me " So, what got you into Photography, why did you start taking photos?" Well, if I'm being honest with you, it all stems back to my daddy... For as long as I can remember my dad was always taking photos and video of me, he never wanted to miss a moment! Ha! When my sister was born the photos lessened cause now it was a busier household & now, looking back on old photos once my little bro was born they pretty much stopped, till he was about 4. They stopped not because my dad no longer wanted to take them, he just didn't have the same amount of free time as he did when it was only me. For us, getting professional photos done just wasn't in our budget, so we made due. Were there important moments missed, I think so.

It's hard to remember something that happened 5 years ago, heck I even struggle with last week sometimes! haha but, if you have a photograph to look back on, you can relive that memory time and time again. That is why I started doing what I love.

Little girl, pink cake smash

I love giving people the opportunity to relive their favorite memories, for a life time to come and not just them but their families and many generations. Weather that be their little ones first birthday when we let them dive into a cake for the very first time or a Gold medal in an event they proven themselves victorious in!

groom crying as bride walks down the aisle

But what really fills my heart with j o y is those little moments of the grooms first look of his soon to be Bride and the raw, real emotion that is forever tied to that one moment. That right there ladies and gentlemen is why I do the job I love so dearly. I love getting to know my clients and having a life long relationship with them capturing all the special moments that their lives have to offer! I have many clients who have become friends and on more then one occasion I've been told I'm their "Life Long Photographer" which is more of a compliment then I could ever express! So, to sum it all up for you, I do what I love, simply for y o u ! For you to enjoy the beautiful memories you are creating in life & for your grand kids to be able to look back and see the joyful moments in your life!

Couple Photos in the grass, engagement session

With all my love;

xo Fly Free

Calgary Wedding Photography

Adventure Wedding Photographers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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