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Rainy Banff National Park Engagement Shoot

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Who says rain is a bad thing? Personally, I love rainy shoot, I think they add a different dynamic and mood to a shoot. Take this Banff engagement shoot for example, the weather app said that is was cloudy the whole way through our shoot. haha But, Adrainna and Nick were troopers.

They had flown up all the way from Colorado and Tennessee to spend a weekend together in beautiful Banff, Alberta. However, the weather had other plans for their vacation, despite the rain these two knocked it out of the park! She could not have picked a more perfect dress to match the beautiful landscape of the day, at least in my opinion.

Finding a silver lining is literally everyday life of an adventure photographer, cause you never know what will be thrown at you. The mountains are particularly tricky but as long as you are open minded, light hearted and don't mind getting a little wet from time to time, you will come out with some stellar images! Here are a few of my favorites from these two!!

All in all, an awesome day! <3

Yours Truly,

Krystal =)

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