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And, we're now using AI to help you remember the best of everything – even the best of you! If you've used our app before, you'll know that your daily thoughts, ideas and activities are automatically synced with Evernote – and sometimes it even suggests the next things to do. Now, we've upgraded the experience of those features by building a better version of our AI assistant – called Autosuggest – that helps you remember what you need to do based on who you are. With Autosuggest, you can now ask it what to do tomorrow, and the app will suggest an action or a task based on your interests and habits. Plus, when you're looking for someone's phone number, Autosuggest can help you call them by finding their phone number in the contacts of people you're connected to. If you're new to Evernote and haven't yet tried Autosuggest, get it now – it's only available for the latest version of our app for Android and iPhone. And if you're already enjoying Autosuggest, we've also added a few new features: If you have an Android device, you'll now see which of your apps are accessing your location at any given time. You'll also have more control over how your location is used – including the ability to allow apps to use location even when you're not using them. You can now choose to always keep your notes in sync – even while you’re offline – so you don't have to worry about losing them. And if you do need to delete something, you can now go back to an earlier version of a note to get rid of it. The new AI-powered language model helps you write in Evernote with more natural-sounding speech. You'll hear more natural-sounding speech in the next version of our Android app. iOS We've also added some exciting improvements to the iOS app, including: We've added the ability to save your existing notebooks in the iOS app. You can switch between them, and Evernote will ensure that any notes you've already made will be synced as you switch between them. We've added the ability to see your reading progress for any notebook, including those created in the iOS app. You can now enter text using the numeric keyboard and punctuation symbols. And, we've also improved search by adding the ability to search for notebooks, tags




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Evernote Crack fylnemu
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