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Costa Rica Modeling Trip!

A few months ago I took an amazing group of humans down to Costa Rica and I thought I would share some of the magic we created! It's a short read with tons of amazing images that you my friend, are the first to see! Enjoy!Be sure to check out other AMAZING travel opportunities I have to offer here!

We started the trip and a beautiful resort called - Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort ! It offered many stunning places to not only create beautiful images but also to just relax when we had down time. It's a bit of a journey to get there, but highly recommended!

Okay, seriously though, I kinda fell in love with edgy and moody looks when we got to play with the NEO at night, in the pool!! It just adds a totally different look to the photos and let's be real, who doesn't love playing in the water!! haha

After our few nights stay at the Resort we backed up and headed north to a beautiful little beach I call home! Playa Del Coco! This would be our home base for the rest of the trip, going out on daily adventures to explore more of what Costa Rica has to offer!

On our drive back to Coco we made a pit stop at a beautiful old bridge, cause really..

Why not!

After we had gotten settled into our new places (In Playa Deal Coco), which would be our home base for the remainder of the trip, we took the night off to get some shopping done, relax from a long days drive, and just take in all Coco has to offer. Knowing our next day would be faster pace and an adventure all in its own - as we were shooting for an amazing designer, who just happens to not only be a very good friend of mine, but also a local with extreme talent and passion for what she does!

She owns a little shop in Liberia called NAHÜA ! I highly recommend checking her out if you are looking for amazing quality, she prides herself and her shop on being 100% made in Costa Rica, which trust me, is hard to find now a days, as it's way cheaper to import, but you lose the quality and love that way. Here are some samples of some of the amazing work herself and her shop does!

Whew - What A Day! These guys killed it!

For those of you who have never worked with a designer on this level before, let me tell you, there is a lot that goes into pulling something like this off. Not only is it hand picking the right outfit for each model, but trying everything on beforehand to make sure things fit correctly to scouting the perfect locations to make the outfits look their best!

Thankfully, we were given exclusive but limited time to shoot in an old jail - which, as you can see - was the PERFECT location for all these beautiful pieces. It's never easy working in a time limit, but - when you work with amazing talent it makes things happen so smoothly!

Next up was a trip down to the river and the sand dooms. The walls of the river are simply gorgeous all by themselves, and then you throw in a beautiful model and boom!

The end of the day finished off with a mini jewelry shoot for a local designer, that was until we were so rudely interrupted by a tropical storm! haha

However, if you ask me, Id' say it worked out in our favor! Ha! I've always wanted to shoot in a tropical storm (and yes, I understand how dangerous it is, but trust me, the minute the thunder and lighting started, we stopped shooting) and thankfully I had someone just as daring as me to get soaked! =)

Next up on our list of adventures was heading to Santa Rosa, a National park that covers the boarders of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It was a neat forest pathway with historical buildings that represented the olden days of Costa Rica.

To wrap up our "last day" we hung out at one of my favorite beaches - "Ocotal" which is a beautiful black sand beach!! Seriously guys, it's beautiful! =)

We did a bunch of awesomeness at such a radiant location! We started off the morning with a sunrise bridal shoot for Brides 2 B!

After we knocked off some beautiful marketing material we got to have some fun playing in "The Splashes" haha I know it sounds crazy but trust me, look at the epic photos that came from it... haha

Worth it, right? =)

I tell you, everyone came prepared for a long day of fun filled photos. It was a quick change of outfits, followed by a couples shoot and loving up the beautiful late morning skies!

So, after we dried off a bit, we got a bite to eat and resumed shooting for sunset and let me tell you.. It was a stunning sunset to end our final day together.

Eeeek ! Guys, seriously! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening!!

Well my friends, that's a wrap from our outstanding trip! Buuuuut first, here's a few epic bts photos for you guys to share even more in our awesomeness.

We work hard and play hard! It's all about an awesome balance! =) I'm forever Thankful to all these crazy awesome souls for trusting me to show them my 2nd home and creating such beautiful content while we were at it!! <3 and to Mr. Zev - PhotoArt4U for jumping on board with my crazy idea 3 years ago and helping my baby grow!

And a special HUGE THANK YOU to all our amazing sponsors who just helped make this trip that much more epic!!

House of Beauty - for her stunning hair and makeup ALL trip!

Fisaly Eyewear Kaitlyn Dougherty - ( Nisthetics - @nisthetics Beth Anne couture - @bethannecouture Karma Bikinis - JHGowns Nadine Deslauriers-Friesen Shae-Lyn Woodroffe @shae.woodroffe

&& Just cause I am such a lover of video, I couldn't not give you a video of our epic adventures!! We will be doing this again in 2019, if you would be interested in joining us, I'd love to hear from you, all photos and video in this blog are from yours truly - Fly Free Photography! I hope you've enjoyed our adventures through Costa Rica!! =)

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