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` I'm all about learning things, I actually love it! But some days when the lesson is about yourself, it's a hard pill to swallow. Yesterday was one of those days.. First photo I've taken in 2018 and the lesson I was taught with it was Compassion.. Some may right away jump to compassion for others and loving others as you love yourself.. But without a boastful tone, I can confidently say I have a lot, sometimes to much compassion for others.. This lesson was having compassion for myself. I fell in love with this photo the moment I took it, then when I blew it up I realized it was a bit fuzzy and part of my heart broke.. But I was freezing and had literally done a squat for about 1 and a half minutes in knee high snow to capture this beauty... all I heard was, "It's Perfect, just like I see you.. Perfect"

Snowflake photo


A lesson most won't understand That thy loving heart struggles Not to give forth, but to keep within Not out of self motive But that of self-love "Love thy neighbor as thyself" A heart for others, isn't lacking But then why the judgement on thyself? For you love me unconditionally No matter the imperfections or Out of focus areas Your love is simply that - L O V E

Be gentle, Be kind Be accepting and understanding The fuzzy bits are no less important They are what makes up who he loves.

- K.Shuhyta

01.04.18 ~ John 15:12

snow flake photography
close up of snowflake

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