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Winter Char Bar Wedding

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It's not often that I get to shoot a winter wedding, as it seems to be too cold for most couples too brave. Brianna and Travis however, were 100% on board to get chilly with me with a back up of Char Bar just in case it was too cold. Needless to say, this was a perfect venue to keep warm in after their beautiful ceremony at Highwood Lutheran Church.

We started our morning watching the beautiful Bride get all dolled up at her Oma's house, which just happened to be so perfectly decorated with a lovely German feel to it. I couldn't have planned it better myself if I tried! We had the lovely Emily from Bellamore Beauty on hand rocking her makeup skills and the flowers were handmade by the Brianna's very talented mother!

With all the "girly stuff" taken care off, we were off to see the groom and get the day underway! Brianna had already waited 7 years for this day to come and I'm pretty sure neither of them wanted to wait another moment!

Highwood Lutheran Church Wedding, Groom portrait



What more could a girl ask for, he was smitten the moment she walked in the room. No, seriously, I don't think he took his eyes off her the whole time! But, it made for a beautiful ceremony to see his love for her simply radiating from him!

They finally did it! After being together for a very long 7 years, and engaged for just over a year they finally tied the knot and became Mr. & Mrs. Conner! Well, now that all the legal stuff was done, it was time to get some amazing photos and some very cool (literally) locations! Off to Char Bar we headed, in style of course!

Calgary Char Bar Wedding, Bride and Groom Limousine ride

Arriving at Char Bar we quickly learned that mother nature wasn't on our side, so we snuggled up in doors to do some formals before quickly braving the cold for some stunners!

Now, when I say cold.. I'm not talking -5 cold, I mean like -30 cold! haha I'm surprised anyone would be willing to accept my crazy ideas at that temperature, but these two were absolute champs about it and boy did it ever pay off!

After freezing our buns off we headed over to the Croatian Canadian Cultural Centre where we would end our night with some tradition Ukrainian food, ( Yup, Perogies!! Yum! ) deserts and of course dancing!! Huge thanks to DJ Sparr0w for keeping the dance floor packed all night with amazing music! I'm not gunna lie, my mind was a little blown with how well EVERYONE could dance! haha

... And that's a wrap!

I hope you guys enjoyed Brianna and Travis's beautiful day as much as I did! I honestly am so blessed to have the most outstanding clients who are willing to brave the cold and other elements just for my crazy ideas! haha I can't Thank you two enough for letting me be part of your special day!!


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